Cooler End to the Weekend…Saturday Evening Update 7:15p.m.


Good Saturday evening! Things were nice with a light breeze today as a cold front passed through Alabama. This front will bring cooler temperatures overnight and for the ending of the weekend on Sunday. Winds will die down slowly tonight as temperatures drop into the lower 50’s or upper 40’s across central Alabama. Sunday will be noticeably cooler than past days; lots of sunshine combined with the cooler weather will make for a nice end to the weekend.

Monday will start the work week off dry, but clouds will be increasing throughout the day as a system begins to push its way in from the southwest. Moisture availability stays low enough Monday to prevent any rain, but the story changes for the day on Tuesday. Tuesday afternoon storms and showers will pop-up and develop across central Alabama. Wednesday will be similar to Tuesday, but the boundary system will be settled further into the state providing better conditions to get numerous showers and storms developing across central Alabama.

Thursday the boundary system gets pushed back to the south some by a new system preparing to move in later in the week. With the system moving to the south, the opportunity for showers and storms decrease for Thursday. Friday the new boundary arriving from the west moves in early and provides lots of showers and storms across central Alabama, making for a soaking end to the week.

With all the showers and storms developing, lots of cloud cover will be forming across central Alabama every day. This cloud cover will act as a barrier to help keep conditions from warming up too intensely, but the heat will still be on with temperatures in the lower 80’s..along with humid or muggy conditions.

Next weekend the rain continues for both Saturday and Sunday. As of now, Saturday will hold the greater opportunity for rain since the boundary will be moving out on the day Sunday.

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Reggie Roakes
Twitter: MetRoakes
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