Soggy Week Ahead…Saturday Evening Update 7:50


Lots of sunshine and a nice breeze made for a pleasant spring Saturday to get outside. Temperatures across central Alabama topped out anywhere between the mid-60’s to low 70’s. Tonight skies will have some patchy clouds with temperatures across the area dropping into the mid to lower 40’s meaning it’ll be cool  when if you get outside so have that light jacket. Tomorrow the clouds from over night stick around blocking out some of the sunshine, but conditions will still be nice with pleasant temperatures and a light breeze still blowing through; meanwhile temperatures will climb for the lower 70’s.

Monday we are watching since a cold front will be moving through that night, bringing with it rain and storms. Conditions are still not fully favorable for severe weather, but that could change in the coming days. As of now, plan for some strong storms and stay weather aware. After Monday night, rain will still be hanging around as the front drags trying to push out of central Alabama. Tuesday evening some areas north may see some breaks in the clouds. The rest of central Alabama will see skies clearing overnight and into early Wednesday. Wednesday night a trough will come in from the south bringing clouds later in the day and the opportunity for rain Thursday. Friday a few isolated showers lingering in the morning before skies clear throughout the remainder of the day; meanwhile temperatures quickly warm thanks to the ample amount of sunshine that afternoon.

Next weekend will start of with some clouds but warmer temperatures; however, a cold front will be prepping to moving into Alabama later Sunday, going into Monday. That means clouds will be on the increase throughout the weekend and there could be some rain for next Sunday evening.

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Reggie Roakesr
Twitter: MetRoakes
Facebook: Meteorologist Reginald Roakes


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