12pm Radar Check… Strong to Severe Storms Possible This PM… #alwx @wvua23

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It’s midday across Alabama, and so far things are looking good. We’ve got a mess of rain and thunder draped across a good portion of west and central Alabama, which is a wonderful thing in terms of lessening instability. We were looking at this as being a limiting factor going into this event, and fortunately, there is a good amount of rain out there. There is also a large batch of rain and storms on the Gulf Coast, and that could limit the return of instability to our area, further limiting the risk of widespread severe weather. The current batch of rain and thunder is not severe and is not expected to become severe. As the initial batch moves out and some surface based instability moves into west and central Alabama this afternoon, some storms could grow strong to severe. At the moment, there are no watches are warnings in our area, but that could change later this afternoon.

In terms of a risk… Some storms could produce damaging winds up to 60mph and quarter size hail. There is also a risk of isolated tornadoes this afternoon and into the early evening hours. Based off radar trends, I don’t expect any severe weather issues before 1pm this afternoon. The Storm Prediction Center maintains a slight risk across west and central Alabama. There is some thought that isolated supercell storms could develop this afternoon and evening across east Mississippi and west Alabama. If that does occur, they will also stand a risk of produce damaging wind, hail and an isolated tornado. The risk of strong to severe storms will end from west to east shortly after sunset this evening, and I expect even east Alabama to be out of the risk before 11pm.

We will be on TV on WVUA non-stop during tornado warnings for all of west, central and east Alabama in the Birmingham TV market area. We can be heard live on Moody Radio 88.9fm in the Tuscaloosa/Birmingham area, 89.5fm in the Selma area, 91.9fm in the Dixons Mills area if you lose power.

Join us live on WVUA23 weekdays at 5, 6 and 10:00 P.M. and weekends at 10PM for the very latest on your news, weather and sports.

Richard Scott
WVUA Chief Meteorologist
Twitter: RichardWVUA23
Facebook: WVUA23RichardScott


3 Responses to 12pm Radar Check… Strong to Severe Storms Possible This PM… #alwx @wvua23

  1. David Cubero says:

    Wow!I’ve still got it! I Majored in Broadcast Journalism and Minored in Meteorology. I’ve worked most of My Adult Life as a Broadcaster, and I HAVE been a Television Weathercaster. However, University was approaching 35 years ago for me. But on days like this, I spend a lot of my time on The NWS Website, going back and forth from One Radar Image to another. Well, I’d reached the same conclusion as you Published here. The Various Radars available today are “Light years” ahead of what was available in my day and I’ve taught myself to Understand what I’m seeing. Even Satellite Images are MUCH BETTER than they used to be. Yesterday, I thought we were going to have a BAD DAY, but, I don’t think so anymore. I’m also an Ordained Rabbi and I MUST SAY that G-d has answered My Prayers! (Of course, I’m sure that many others were Praying for G-d to diminish Our Severe Wx. Threat, but I KNOW that I was!) While I know that the chance STILL remains for Us to see some Severe Wx. I deduced that things are looking up! When I saw that You and I were in agreement about This situation, it made Me feel good that I still have the skills that I learned so long ago… Thank you for Your Work and May G-d Bless You!

  2. WVUA Weather says:

    It’s actually pretty incredible what has happened today. An unexpected coastal cluster of storms has formed, which was not seen by any of our forecast model data. Any time you have a cluster of storms like that on the coast, that basically prevents anything big from happening up our way because you cut off the Gulf air. Storms need a steady stream of unstable air to keep the surface based updrafts sustained. If you noticed, the storms on radar that were tracking into west Alabama about 2 hours ago pretty much vanished, all due to the inflow of unstable air being cut off. So, woohoo! We’ll watch the radar for the next few hours, as the front approaches to make sure nothing fires on it. There could be some storms on it, but I don’t see anything too crazy happening at the moment. – Richard

  3. David Cubero says:

    Richard, I fully agree! It IS incredible and was TOTALLY Unexpected! I’m from The West Coast, but I know that The Gulf effects The Weather of a HUGE Chunk of The Eastern U.S. When something happens like it did today, it’s like Pinching-Off a Water Hose, it forms a barrier that lessens the likelihood of Strong Convection Occurring Here and Northward. I was watching The N.W.S. Radar Images when The Stronger Storms,Over parts of Alabama and The Other Squal Line back to Our West in Mississippi, and it all just seemed to fall apart, as You said. It was as if The Entire System just dissipated into thin air, so to speak. The whole Dynamic changed. I whispered, “Thank you O’ L-rd My G-d!” I have My Own “Weather Station,” and I noticed that everything just seemed to stabilize. I started to look toward The South toward The Gulf on The Radar Images Online, and I watched The Storms building over South Alabama. I said a prayer for Them when I saw the amount of Precip. that They were receiving. I don’t remember ever seeing such a drastic change happen so quickly WHILE I was actually following The Radars and Satellite Images. It was Really Awesome! Yesterday, I wasn’t expecting another April 27th, 2011 or an April 3rd, 1974 for today,,,but I could foresee “A Bad Day.” But then, I’d prayed for G-d’s Intervention, and being a Rabbi, I HAVE TO Believe that THAT’S what happened. As “Weather Geeks,” We know “How It Happened,” but We can’t always explain “Why It Happened,,,Scientifically!” Right now, on My Personal Wx. Station, I’m noticing a downward trend of The Dew Point, from a High of 67 Degrees to 64 Degrees currently. But what High Dew Points We’ve had today! I’m sorry that I’ve “Yacked” so much, but I’ve done a lot in front of The Cameras and on Radio, but There’s nothing that I enjoyed more than Weathercasting! (I’ve always wished that I had gone back to College and Changed my Meteorology Minor into another Major.) It’s been fun “Talking Shop” with Someone who knows what I’m talking about, especially on such a day as this!!!

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