Cool Break Ahead…Wednesday Night Update 3/16/16 7:50


Another warm pre-spring day across central Alabama with temperatures across the state ranging in the mid to upper 70’s. Tonight temperatures will drop to a cooler 50 degrees while cloud cover remains low. Tomorrow for Saint Patrick’s Day, temperatures will once again warm up, but cloud cover will be increasing throughout the day ahead of an incoming cold front that will arrive Friday night. For Friday cloud cover will continue to remain high, and a few isolated showers become possible, especially in the southern portions of the counties. As day transitions to night, the front will begin to move in bringing increased showers, but not total wash outs.

Early Saturday morning rain will be pushing out from west to east as the front passes and will be coming to an end early, followed up with cooler air. The cooler air continues to surge in throughout the day Saturday and Sunday bringing clear skies back and dropping temperatures slightly. Sunday night will be the coolest night with temperatures dropping into the upper 30’s.

The cooler temperatures from this coming weekend quickly go away next week. Ample amounts of sunshine next week will lead to temperatures once again warming up into the mid 70’s once again.

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Reggie Roakes
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