5:25pm Radar Update: Rain and Severe Storms… Radar Update #alwx @wvua23

Warnings_1058 (1).JPG

At 5:25pm, lots of rain is tracking across our area. A few reports have come in of some minor damage near Reform in Pickens County and Bessemer in Jefferson Co of a possible weak spin-up tornado around the 4:40 to 5pm time-frame. At the moment there are no warnings in our area or watches. We’re watching radar close this evening. Later, a more substantial risk of severe weather will enter our area, beginning in southwest Alabama after 7pm, lifting northeast through the late evening hours.

What to expect: A very deep surface low will move across northwest Mississippi, pulling in deep tropical moisture and instability into an environment with incredible amounts of uplift and wind shear. This setup favors supercell thunderstorms this evening and into the overnight hours, and individual supercells stand a greater chance of producing tornadoes, hail and damaging wind. This will be a fast event, as a dry line will race across the state from southwest to northeast, bringing an end to the threat. Some tornadoes that develop could be strong and cause significant damage. There is a chance of a few strong tornadoes in areas mainly to the south of I-20, especially south of HWY 80. Damaging winds of 70mph area possible within some of these storms, as well as large hail of quarter to golf ball size. Given these storms will be scattered supercells, you may not have any problems at all, if the storms happen to dodge your local area. Unfortunately, if you area directly impacted by a supercell, you could have big problems.

Be alert! I can’t stress how important it is to realize there is a risk. Have a plan of action incase you area issued under a tornado warning. Remember, if a tornado warning is issued for your area, you’ll need to get in the lowest floor of your home and into an interior room or closet. A basement or storm shelter is the best bet. Do not be in a mobile home tonight, go stay with a friend or family member if needed. Avoid being in a car during a tornado warning. Finally, don’t panic! Have a plan ready and you’ll be fine if you need to act on that plan.

We will be on TV on WVUA non-stop during tornado warnings for all of west, central and east Alabama in the Birmingham TV market area. We can be heard live on Moody Radio 88.9fm in the Tuscaloosa/Birmingham area, 89.5fm in the Selma area, 91.9fm in the Dixons Mills area if you lose power.

Join us live on WVUA23 weekdays at 5, 6 and 10:00 P.M. and weekends at 10PM for the very latest on your news, weather and sports.

Richard Scott
WVUA Chief Meteorologist
Twitter: RichardWVUA23
Facebook: WVUA23RichardScott


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