A Look Back: Late-season Snow in Alabama — March 1, 2009


As we begin the month of March and areas of Central Alabama recover from the historic snows, we take a look back at another late season snow event which brought a quick hit of snow back in 2009.

From NWS:

In the early hours of Sunday morning, March 1st, precipitation being wrapped around a low pressure system to the east of central Alabama began to move into the northwest counties of Marion, Lamar and Winston. Shortly after it began to rain, another strong upper level trough pushed arctic air into the state. The combination and timing of the cold air and moisture created the largest area-wide snow event since 1993. Snow began falling in the western counties around 2 am and spread across the state throughout the morning hours. Some intensification of the upper level low was seen later in the morning, which allowed for some of the eastern counties of Alabama to see upwards of 5 inches of snow.

Skies cleared out quickly behind the snowfall, allowing for temperatures to climb into the low 40s by the middle of the afternoon. This allowed for the snow to quickly melt and the only thing Alabama experienced was the beautiful snow covered trees without the hassle of cancelled school and businesses.


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Peter Crank
WVUA Staff Meteorologist
Twitter: crankyweather


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