Clouds Linger into the Start of the Work Week… Sunday Forecast Update — 7:15pm


Good Sunday evening to you all! A significantly drier day across Alabama than was anticipated, the system expected bring lots of rain and moisture up from the gulf is still chilling down along the coast. The longer the system sits to our south, the less likelihood there is of West Central Alabama receiving the rain we need.

Tonight, a few showers could slide north, although the best opportunity for this to occur is in eastern Alabama where the system is sending most of its moisture currently. Temperatures could drop a little lower tonight than expected, but we should still remain in the mid to upper 60s tonight.

Monday’s forecast is staying relatively constant; although the best chances for rain will certainly be off in eastern Alabama. A few showers could mosey on through west central Alabama Monday morning before the clouds and rain slowly work east and north. Conditions will be similar to what we saw today across the area, highs in the low to mid 80s, depending on cloud cover, with those few showers scattered about.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday will be quite warm for this time of year. Plenty of sunshine for the middle part of the week means temperatures will soar back into the upper 80s each afternoon; although Wednesday being the best chance we have at breaking 90°.

Another potent cold front is gathering strength up in Canada right now, and looks to be swinging into the South, Thursday night through Friday. For us here in Alabama, we could see a few storms spark Thursday evening ahead of the cold front, but our best chances for rain will be Friday as the main core of the energy and lift will swing through. Behind the cold front is some very nice weather. Saturday and Sunday’s highs may not make it to 80 even with full sunshine and lows could be approaching the 50° mark.

We are still 5-6 days out on this cold front, and given the fact that the indications 24 HOURS ago were for lots of rain today, let’s not get our hopes up too high just yet about fall weather next weekend.

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Peter Crank

WVUA Staff Meteorologist

Twitter: crankyweather

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