Weather/Radar Update – 10:10 PM

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We are continuing to monitor the severe weather situation across Alabama on this Thursday evening as an extensive squall line of thunderstorms moves through the northwestern part of the state. The entire WVUA coverage area remains under a tornado watch into the overnight hours.

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Here’s our expected timeline for the rest of the evening hours. The squall line should clear the Tuscaloosa area by Midnight, then as we head towards east Alabama, you will likely be at risk for severe thunderstorms between Midnight and 2AM.

What We’re Seeing: 

The northern edge of the squall line has accelerated across north Alabama and has prompted a tornado warning for Madison County earlier this evening.  The line of thunderstorms remains very strong as it extends into Fayette County, but areas to the south of Fayette appears to be in more of a heavy rain threat rather than a severe weather threat at this time. However, as this line continues eastward, we must remain on guard for the potential for straight-line wind gusts approaching 60 mph in some spots as well as the chance of a brief spinup tornado as well.

Therefore, we are expecting the highest severe weather threat to be along and north of a line from Tuscaloosa to Birmingham to Anniston as this is where the squall line will continue accelerating eastward, posing threats for damaging winds primarily in addition to the risk of an isolated tornado into the overnight hours.

It’s apparent that the cluster of severe storms over south Mississippi has acted to “cut off” or “rob” energy from part of the squall line. This is most likely why the line has exhibited some weakening over parts of Tuscaloosa and Pickens Counties over the last 45 minutes .We’ll continue to watch the evolution of the south Mississippi storms, but for now it appears they will remain out of our viewing area.

Again, we’ll continue to provide cut-ins every half-hour through the evening as the line of thunderstorms presses through our coverage area. Should a tornado warning be issued, we will come on and stay on with you until the warning expires.

Isaac Williams
WVUA-TV Weather
Twitter: @WVUA_Isaac


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