Hot Days, Isolated Storms… Wednesday Afternoon Forecast Update… – 4:45pm


Good Wednesday afternoon! Our weather has turned out hot again today, with highs reaching the lower 90s for many areas. As moisture continues to increase and temperatures reached the 90 degree mark this afternoon, isolated storms have developed. As of 4:40pm, isolated storms were mainly located in west Alabama. These storms are moving northwest and will die out after sunset. If you happen to get rain at your house this evening, it won’t last long.

With a south wind bringing in lots of tropical moisture and hot afternoon temperatures, we can expect isolated storms to develop each day this week and into the weekend. The best chance of isolated storms will occur between lunch and 9pm. Skies will remain partly cloudy through Saturday. Expect highs to reach the upper 80s or lower 90s on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Lows at night will fall into the upper 60s. Conditions will remain mostly dry and very muggy during the overnight hours. On Saturday, we’ll notice much of the same weather. A few isolated storms will develop after lunch, with a rain chance at around 30% at your house or event.

We’re watching a big storm system west of Alabama this afternoon, which is producing a severe weather and tornado outbreak across the central Plains. This system will gradually weaken and will reach Alabama on Sunday. I do not expect any severe weather issues once the system reaches the area, but scattered storms are expected at any point on Sunday. Highs will top out in the middle to upper 80s on Sunday, due to extra clouds and scattered storms. If you have outdoor events planned on Sunday, have a backup plan.  


Hurricane Barbary made landfall this afternoon in southern Mexico. Barbara will quickly weaken as it moves over land during the next 24 hours. The storm will move into the southwestern Gulf of Mexico on Thursday, but wind shear and dry air will keep the system from re-developing into anything well organized. Most model data keeps this system very week or has it dying out over the southern Gulf. We’ll keep an eye on it…

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Richard Scott

WVUA Chief Meteorologist

Twitter: Richard_wvua

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