Hot Weather Continues…Scattered Storms At Times Today Through Next Sunday…Nice Beach Forecast – Monday Update 5:40pm

Good Monday afternoon to you! It’s been a hot day in west Alabama, with temperatures flirting with 100 degrees. While west Alabama bakes in the heat, central and east Alabama is dealing with a nice refreshing day. Numerous showers and storms moved across much of east and central Alabama this morning, cooling temperatures drastically. While a few storms did manage to reach the western side of the state, it didn’t rain long enough to keep us cool this afternoon; plus, the sun returned quickly after the rain stopped.

Lots of people have been complaining about their yard turning brown or their garden dying over the past couple of weeks. I’m in the same situation as you area. I haven’t had a drop of rain at my house in Northport in weeks. My yard is turning into sand and my garden is hanging on by a thread. I hope we all get some nice rain amounts over the next 7 days, and I think that will happen. The ridge of high pressure has shifted northwest of the area, and temperatures are cooling above the surface. Hot and humid air at ground level, with cold and dry air above the ground creates instability. This is a key factor in getting shower and thunderstorm development across our area. Plus, there are lots of small scale disturbances moving along the edge of the ridge. One disturbance moved through this morning. Since we will remain on the outer edge of the ridge over the next 5 to 7 days, I can’t rule out scattered storms at any point. The risk of rain will continue through this week and into next weekend both during the day and at night. That being said, I still think the best chance of showers and storms will occur during the afternoon and evening hours due to maximum instability.

If you have plans outdoors for Independence Day on Wednesday or the following weekend, expect a partly cloudy sky and hot temperatures. Highs will continue to reach the upper 90s each day with a heat index nearing 108. There will also be some thunderstorms in the area at any point, so keep the rain gear handy. If you are at the lake, river, pool or beach, keep in mind lightning safety. If you are close enough to a storm to hear thunder, you are close enough to be struck by lightning. Go indoors quickly and stay indoors until after the storm passes. I know people that stay at the river or lake during a nearby thunderstorm; that can turn into a life-threatening situation. Lightning is a weather killer, and it can happen very sudden. Be smart and go indoors. The good news is that storms will remain scattered to isolated each day, and if a storm hits your area, it may last 20 to 30 minutes and be over with. Plus, not everyone will get rain each day; this activity is expected to be hit or miss. There’s also the risk of a few severe storms each day this week. The main concern is hail and damaging winds.

The beach forecast is looking great this week, with a mostly sunny sky and hot temperatures. The risk of rain along the Alabama Gulf Coast and Florida Panhandle is at 20 to 30% today through next weekend. While there is a risk of scattered storms along the coast, they won’t last long at all. Water temperatures are now in the middle 80s along the coast.

It’s that time of the year, as we enter the Dog Days of Summer. Send us your pictures of how your dog stays cool in the summer heat. Send the pictures to or tag us on facebook. Search our like page on facebook by WVUA-TV Weather.

Be sure you include your name, your dog’s name and the town you live in. We will start featuring these on WVUA-TV tomorrow (Tuesday). This will last through August 11th. We’ve got some great pictures already, so hurry and send yours in so we can show your dog staying cool in the summer heat on TV.

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Richard Scott

WVUA Chief Meteorologist


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