Radar Update/Short Term Forecast – Some Rain at Times Through Wednesday… Tuesday Update 4:30PM

In the short term, we’re watching some light showers moving northeast across our area. Most of the rain you see on radar is very light, but there are a couple of heavier showers over Sumter, Perry and Shelby County. These showers are moving northeast at 20 to 30mph. At this point, there’s no lightning across our area and none is expected through tonight.

There are lots of events happening this evening. Most events will go without any problems, but keep the rain gear handy incase you a shower moves over your area. We had some heavier rain across the area around lunch, but this activity is starting to weaken and move north. We can expect showers at times through Wednesday morning, but I think we catch a break around lunch on Wednesday.

Thunderstorms will become likely Wednesday evening and night. Be sure to scroll down to the midday discussion on the severe weather risk…

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WVUA Chief Meteorologist Richard Scott



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