Sleet Info…Mostly Rain Now…Monday Update 9pm


After lots of sleet this afternoon and evening, most of the area is dealing with a cold rain now. There have been no known wrecks due to icy roads in west and central Alabama. Since road and air temperatures are well above freezing, travel should be fine tonight. Take it easy on the roads since they’re wet. Just like rain on a summer day, wet roads often cause a few wrecks here and there. The map above shows where the estimated sleet/rain line is. This line is progressing east this evening, and all frozen precipitation will be out of Alabama by midnight tonight.

Warmer air above the surface is moving in from the southwest, which is causing the snow flakes and sleet to melt faster before reaching the surface. Sleet is when a snow flake falls into a layer of above freezing temperatures. The snow flake melts some but not completely. The somewhat melted snow flake will then fall into a layer of below freezing temperatures before reaching the ground. As that happens, the partially melted snow flake will freeze into a sleet pellet and looks a little like a tiny hail stone. Hail is formed through another process, so sleet is much more different than hail. Also, sleet is not a frozen rain drop.

Rain will continue on and off for much of the night. As the wave of low pressure continues to push eastward, rain will taper off late tonight or early tomorrow morning.

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WVUA Chief Meteorologist Richard Scott


3 Responses to Sleet Info…Mostly Rain Now…Monday Update 9pm

  1. Nathan says:

    looks like another chance of wintry weather this weekend we will see oh and no snow last night up here either just sleet

  2. WVUA Weather says:

    It’s an intersting look Nathan, but model data is still too warm. If it trends colder, then we may have a little fun close by. Probably going to take a day or two to know. At this point, I’m forecasting a cold rain but we’ll be watching…

    Richard Scott

  3. Nathan says:

    Thanks Richard sorry it took me so long to reply i had to work 12 hours today but yea could get intersting it will be fun to watch anyway

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