Lots of Rain, With Some Strong to Severe Storms…Tuesday Update 3:20 PM

Much of west and central Alabama has picked up some nice rain totals over the past 24 hours, as an area of low pressure tracks northwest of the area. Radar estimates show between 0.50 and 2.50 inches so far, but I expect totals to rise as more showers and storms develop this evening and tonight.

Above is a map of the severe weather potential and time estimate. Since the storm system has slowed its eastward progression a bit, any risk of strong to severe storms will occur tonight between 6pm and 3am. The best chance of organized severe weather will happen along the coast, where the atmosphere is a little more unstable. The heavy rain we dealt with most of the day has really stabilized conditions north of US HWY 80. Rain continues to fall in parts of west and central Alabama, but the heavier rain has moved out for the moment. The cool, rainy day has greatly reduced a big severe weather threat around here. Model data continues to bring a batch of instability into west and central Alabama after 6pm, so we’ll continue to watch for a risk of strong to severe storms. I don’t see this being a major threat for our area, but some storms could grow strong to severe, with the risk of hail, damaging winds and an isolated tornado. This activity should move east of the area after 3am tonight.

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WVUA Chief Meteorologist Richard Scott


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