Very Cold, Then Rather Warm, Then Cold Again… Tuesday Evening Forecast Update – 5:30 PM

A good Tuesday to you! It’s been a cold day, despite plenty of sun. You know the airmass is cold, when a sunny day can’t help things heat up. Many of us topped out in the upper 30s to lower 40s. With a hard freeze lastnight, we got some interesting weather pictures in, be sure to scroll down for that post!

The coldest temperature we could find was Hamilton at 14 degrees this morning. Many spots were in the 20 to 26 degree range. The breeze helped to keep temperatures from getting down into the teens area-wide. For a good frigid night, you really need a calm wind, clear skies and very low dewpoint. Since the winds didn’t go calm, the air continued to mix through the night. That keeps surface heat from radiating out to space as efficient and slows the process. The surface high is over Alabama now, so winds are calm. The stage is set for a very cold night, with lows between 14 and 22. Areas north of Fayette and Jasper will be in the 14 to 18 degree range, while areas south of Tuscaloosa will be in the 19 to 22 degree range.

Skies will remain mostly sunny for Wednesday and Thursday. As the very deep upper air trough moves east, the cold air will go with it. In-fact, some ridging will move into the area and allow temperatures to reach the middle 60s on Friday and Saturday. The pattern we’re in continues to favor a progressive setup. The ridge-trough pattern looks to continue to move quickly from west to east across the nation. This will keep us from getting long periods of warm and cold air. I haven’t seen signs of that changing over the next 2 weeks, but we’ll continue to watch the forecast trends. If you’re looking for a snow storm, I haven’t seen anything organized over the next 2 weeks. At some point, I believe we’ll get popped with a winter weather event later this winter.

The weekend forecast looks rather wet, as a fast moving system moves our way. Showers and clouds will increase on Friday and Saturday. The best bet for rain will occur on Saturday. Cooler air will roll in on Sunday and Monday.

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Meteor Shower Tonight! Tuesday Update 12pm

QUADRANTID METEOR SHOWER: Earth is about to pass through a stream of debris from 2003 EH1, a comet fragment that produces the annual Quadrantid meteor shower. Forecasters expect the shower to peak around 07:20 UT (02:20 am EST) on Wednesday morning, January 4th. At maximum, as many as 100 meteors/hour could emerge from a radiant near Polaris, the north star.

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Cool Weather Pictures! – Tuesday Update 11:30am

Check out these pictures from Skip Baumhower. This was taken in the Tuscaloosa Box Springs comminity near the VA Medical Center.

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Wow! It’s cold!!! 11AM Update -Tuesday 11am Update

Temperatures started off very cold this morning, but many spots didn’t reach the teens. Most locations dropped to a temperature between 20 and 26 due to gusty winds overnight. The wind was expected to go calm, but the area of high pressure was still far enough away to allow winds to stay up through the night. With a strong pressure gradient across the state, the wind couldn’t go calm. That being said, wind chill values were in the teens for much of the night.

The map above shows the 11am temperatures across the southeast. It’s only 32 in Tuscaloosa. Many spots are still at or below freezing, so we may not reach 40 this afternoon. Many spots will stay at or below freezing to the north of Tuscaloosa. Once the sun sets tonight, look for lows to fall into the upper teens to lower 20s. Winds will go calm tonight, as the area of high pressure moves right over the area.

Some reports of very light flurries have come in from the northeastern half of Alabama earlier this morning. This is in response to a deepening upper air trough. Moisture is very low in Alabama, so any snow flakes were tiny and hard to find. All flurries are gone now, and sunshine is in full force across the entire state.

Another update is coming soon.

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