Friday Afternoon Forecast Discussion – 4:50 PM Update

A good Friday afternoon to you! I had a great time speaking to Taylorville Primary this morning. I spoke to the 2nd grade classes for career day. I’ll have video of the kids on WVUA news at 5, 6 and 10pm.

We warmed nicely this afternoon, as highs reached the lower middle to upper 60s. Sunny skies and calm winds will make it feel nice through the weekend, but it sure will be cold at night. If you have plans outdoors tonight for the local high school football games, bring a jacket and blanket. I bet the concession stands will have long lines for some hot chocolate. Lows will fall into the lower to middle 30s tonight. Areas to the north of Tuscaloosa will likely see another freeze, while areas to the south will get just cold enough to get a frost. By the way, you don’t have to have freezing temperatures to have frost. Objects such as grass, leaves, roofs, cars, etc. cool off at night and lose the radiation gained from the sun during the day. These objects can lose so much heat that they dip below freezing while the air near the objects stay near or just above freezing. This only works on nights with calm winds. Temperatures will start in the upper 50s at the 7pm kickoff tonight and will fall into the upper or middle 40s by the end of the games.

Alabama takes on Tennessee in Bryant Denny Stadium on Saturday. The 6:15pm kickoff will feature clear skies and chilly weather. Temperatures will start off in the low 60s at kickoff and should fall into the lower 50s at the end of the game. Temperatures will continue to cool after the game, with middle 40s becoming likely by midnight.

A nice warming trend will take over on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday as temperatures return into the 70s. The upper air trough will lift out of the area, which will allow for a warming trend, plus, plenty of sunshine will help heat things up each afternoon. Lows will remain cool each night through early next week, but lows will gradually warm as well. Look for temperatures at night to reach the upper 40s by Tuesday morning.

A tropical low is developing over the Caribbean this evening. There’s a chance of this system becoming a named storm over the weekend. At this point, there isn’t any threat of this feature reaching Alabama. Another trough should kick this storm to the northeast before reaching the US coast.

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WVUA Chief Meteorologist Richard Scott

Cold This Morning! Friday Update 6:20 AM

Check out the temperatures as of 6am this Friday morning. We have 30 in Columbus, 32 in Demopolis, and only 34 in Tuscaloosa. There’s not doubt that it feels like a winter morning. With lots of sunshine, temperatures will quickly warm into the middle 60s this afternoon. It will start to feel pretty nice after lunch.

It gets cold again tonight, so Friday night football is looking cold. Temperatures will fall into the lower 50s a kickoff. Temperatures will likely fall into the upper 40s at the end of the local games.

I’m heading to Taylorville Primary to speak to the 2nd grade classes this morning. I’ll have video on today’s 5, 6, and 10pm news.

WVUA Chief Meteorologist Richard Scott