Tropical Trouble in the Gulf of Mexico… Alabama Impacts? Wednesday Update 5 PM

If you have plans to the Alabama Gulf Coast this weekend, we’re going to have some big issues. A developing storm in the Gulf of Mexico will likely become tropical storm Lee by Friday. Many of the tropical models as well as global models develop this into a tropical storm. Most data also move it into the central Gulf Coast States.

With very warm water temperatures and low wind shear, I wouldn’t be surprised if this system quickly develops into a tropical storm or weak hurricane. That all depends on how much time it spends in the gulf and its exact track.

Our thinking right now…. Look for heavy rain to develop along the coastal sections of Alabama on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. The rain will gradually spread north and should move into the Tuscaloosa area Saturday night or Sunday. With a strong low to our south and strong high to our north, a tight pressure gradient will give us a howling east wind on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. If the center of this storm moves inland along the Alabama or Mississippi Gulf Coast, much of west Alabama will have some winds gusting over 30 MPH. There is a chance of very heavy rain across parts of Alabama, where flooding could become an issue. The best chance of this will happen south of Demopolis.

Again, this could all change as new data comes in. Stay with us for more updates soon to come.

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WVUA Chief Meteorologist Richard Scott

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