Tropical Storm Lee Ahead for the Gulf of Mexico? Tropical Update 10 PM Tuesday

Here’s the latest 0Z run of the NAM, which is valid for Saturday morning. For everyone who has plans for the Alabama Football game on Saturday, I’m sure you’ll be paying close attention to the forecast. If the NAM is right, rain bands would start moving into south Alabama Saturday morning but should not threaten the Tuscaloosa area. It’s a close call… While this model brings it closer to Alabama, most data keeps it away from our area. With an approaching trough from the northwest, we have to atleast put some confidence in northern Gulf Coast storm.

Data also keeps this feature fairly disorganized and well below hurricane strength, but we’ll watch it close. Right now, the area of disturbed weather is in the Caribbean. Since water temperatures are in the upper 80s to lower 90s, a tropical storm would have potential to rapidly develop.

Again, don’t change plans for Saturday just yet. We’ll know a lot more by this time tomorrow night. At this point, I think the best bet is for a Texas or west Louisiana landfall.

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WVUA Chief Meteorologist Richard Scott

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