Monday Afternoon Forecast Discussion – 4:30 PM Update

A good Monday to you! Today is the anniversary of catastrophic Hurricane Katrina. Be sure to scroll down for thoughts on that. Temperatures this morning were fairly cool, as we have a dry, north flow. Dry air heats and cools very effectively, so a cool start to the day ended up hot this afternoon. Temperatures topped out near 100 in spots, but it’s a dry heat. The dry air is giving us a slight break when it comes to the oppressive heat.

Conditions will remain dry through atleast Friday. Highs will top out in the middle to upper 90s. Expect a sunny sky each day, with fairly cool nights and hot afternoons. Moisture will gradually increase by Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This will allow for the afternoon storm chances to increase to 30%. I don’t expect anything major for the Alabama Football weekend, but you may have to dodge a few rain drops.

Temperatures will gradually trend downhill over the weekend and early next week. This will be a result of an increase in clouds and moisture. Highs will top out in the middle 90s over the weekend and lower 90s by early next week. With an increase in moisture, temperatures at night will warm back into the 70s on Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning.

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WVUA Chief Meteorologist Richard Scott


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