Saturday Evening Forecast Discussion – Updated 9 PM

A good Saturday evening to you! It’s been a hot summer day in the deep south today, but things are about to change a bit as the first cold front of season moves through Alabama. The front this evening is just to our northwest and is moving southeastward fairly quickly. In-fact, it looks like the front should be through central Alabama by lunch tomorrow. You’ll notice a northwest wind take over as dry, continental air moves in. This will do two things; one, drop our rain chances to none; two, cool temperatures off a good bit at night.

The rain some of us dealt with today has moved out and dissipated. Some folks didn’t get a drop while other got a half inch or so. If you didn’t see rain today, I think the chance of you getting rain is very low through Sunday. There could be an isolated storm or two ahead of the front on Sunday, but the chance of rain is only at 30%. Since the front will be through our area before afternoon heating takes over, the atmosphere won’t be able to produce a lot of rain. Temperatures will top out in the lower 90s on Sunday, but a few spots to the north of Tuscaloosa could stay in the 80s all day.

Sunday night will be the first big change you will notice. Temperatures will fall into the middle 60s in many spots as dry and cooler air move in. Dry air cools very efficiently, so temperatures will fall like a rock near and after sunset. We will likely stay in the upper 80s for highs on Monday. While upper 80s is still hot, it will be a dry heat, and that’s something that will feel nice. Monday night, temperatures will fall into the lower 60s. I wouldn’t be surprised if a few neighborhoods north of Tuscaloosa reach 59 degrees. That’s a welcome change to many of us! If you have outdoor plans during the evening or morning hours on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, it will feel a bit like fall. Skies will remain mostly sunny through Wednesday.

Clouds arrive on Thursday and Friday, as skies become partly cloudy. A few afternoon storms are possible, but the chance of rain is low.

The tropics have become very active over the past couple of days, as we’re watching several features develop. Tropical Storm Franklin and Tropical Depression # 7 are heading out to sea, so there are no worries there. A couple of waves well out in the Atlantic bear watching as they could become a tropical system and could impact the US in 7 to 10 days. We have plenty of time to watch both systems and will let you know the latest as it develops.

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WVUA Chief Meteorologist Richard Scott