Welcome Megan Parry! Tuesday Update 4pm

My name is Megan Parry and I am one of the new summer weather interns here at WVUA.  I moved from Irvine, Californialast August to pursue my life long dream of being a weathergirl.  I earned my undergraduate degree in Environmental Science at the Universityof California, Irvineand am now half way through the graduate program at MississippiStateUniversityfor broadcast meteorology.  As cliché as it sounds, I knew I wanted to be involved with the weather after I saw the movie, Twister, while I was living inDeSoto,Texas.  What job could be more exciting then being a storm chaser?  Every year during tornado week I was excited to see what storms would head our way.  I moved toSan Diego when I was ten and then moved toIrvine for college and was deprived of weather for 14 years.  Once I graduated I got a job with the California Environmental Protection Agency as an environmental scientist, but after almost two years of working there my childhood dream returned to me and it was time for me to pursue my career goals. I packed up my life and moved toStarkville,Mississippi where within the first week I experienced over ten thunderstorms!  I have one year left in the program, and thus far, moving out here has been one of the best decisions of my life.


Megan Parry

WVUA weather intern

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