Tuesday Afternoon Forecast Update – 4:15 PM

A good Tuesday to you! Hot is the word for the day, with upper 90s area wide. It’s possible that triple digits will be felt in parts of centralAlabamaover the next couple of days, as an intense summer ridge builds over our area. With high dewpoint temperatures, it feels even hotter, with heat index values getting even closer to 100 degrees, if not a few degrees higher than that on Wednesday and Thursday.

Other than a stray afternoon shower or storm, many of us will not see rain over the next few days. A ridge of high pressure often brings a layer of warmer temperatures aloft to our state, so that caps the atmosphere and keeps storms from developing. For good thunderstorm development, you want hot surface temperatures and really cold temperatures above the surface, which creates instability. As highs get closer to 100 degrees and moisture continues to increase, I can’t rule out that stray afternoon storm. The chance of rain in your neighborhood is about 5 to 10%, so don’t expect rain at all. If you do get a shower or storm, it won’t last more than 10 minutes.

The ridge will hang tough through the weekend, so if you have outdoor plans, be sure to drink plenty of water and wear lots of sunscreen. Skies will remain mostly sunny. Any clouds over the next few days will be in the form of fair weather cumulus clouds. Lows at night will bottom out in the upper 60s to lower 70s. The chance of an afternoon storm will continue through early next week.

We’ll be watching the seabreeze boundary each afternoon, as that will serve as a focal point for showers and storms during the afternoon hours. Typically, the seabreeze stays well south ofTuscaloosa, but places along and south of USHWY80 will have a better chance of a quick shower and storm.

Wednesday is the first day of June, which is the beginning of the Atlantic Hurricane Season. NOAA is predicting a very active season this year, so all eyes will be on the tropics through November. The last day of the season is on the last day of November. So far, there are no signs of tropical development.

Be sure to join me tonight on WVUA-TV at 4, 5, 6 and 10 for the very latest on your forecast.

Also, look us up on facebook and twitter by weather@wvuatv.com.

WVUA Chief Meteorologist Richard Scott


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