Horrible Tornado Outbreak West of Alabama Today…. Updated Tuesday at 1pm

This is not good at all for our friends west of Alabama. Another horrible tornado outbreak is likely in parts of the central Plains this afternoon and tonight. A rare high risk of severe weather is expected today for places like Oklahoma City. In-fact, a rare 45% tornado probability is outlined for central Oklahoma. This is similar to our tornado outlook on April 27th. This is by far a season we’ll never forget. Unfortunately, there will likely be more fatalities and injuries with the severe weather today. Let’s hope and pray the tornadoes dodge the cities this time.

This mess will shift eastward and impactAlabamaby Thursday morning. I don’t expect any major severe weather issues, but some storms could produce damaging winds and hail. The chance of a tornado is small at this time, but isn’t impossible. We’ll keep you updated as it gets closer toAlabama.

Be sure to join me on WVUA-TV tonight at 4, 5, 6 and 10 for the latest on your forecast.

WVUA Chief Meteorologist Richard Scott



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