Bad Numbers Coming from Tuscaloosa County… Update at 4pm Friday

As of 4pm this Friday afternoon, Mayor Walt Maddox has reported 45 deaths and 990 injuries have been reported for the City of Tuscaloosa. Also, 446 people have not been accounted for. Please pray for these people and their families!

Authorities say the death toll from the devastating tornado outbreak across the South has climbed to 318,
making it the deadliest day for twisters since the Great Depression.

Below are some numbers from other bad outbreaks in the past….

 In March 1932, 332 people died, all in Alabama.
 In April 1974, a series of twisters killed 315 people in 11
 The largest death toll ever in the U.S. from twisters was on
March 18, 1925 when 747 people were killed in storms that raged
through Missouri, Illinois and Indiana. In that outbreak, a single,
219-mile-long tornado killed 695 people.

The tornado that moved through Tuscaloosa, may be the longest track tornado in US and even world history. Please keep these people in your thoughts and prayers.

WVUA Chief Meteorologist Richard Scott

2 Responses to Bad Numbers Coming from Tuscaloosa County… Update at 4pm Friday

  1. Steve Rigsby says:

    Richard, This is Steve from Jasper/ Walker Co. I would have contacted you sooner but I too have been very bust caring for my family here and searching for the one’s in Plesant Grove and Hueytown. I lost power at 4:30 A.M. wed and got it back today at 5:00 P.M. I have had no computer, phone( cell or landline).14 confirmed dead in Cordova. Officially there are 300 still missing here. On top of everything else I became a victim of the storm after a piece of plywood struck me in the head while going to our storm shelter Wed morning during first violent storm. I have been checked out. I have been concerned about you. There was a report on B’ham t.v. that Richard Scott a “Skywatcher” lost his home. I pray that it is not yours. However if it is first know I am praying for all afflicted. When have a moment try giving me a call on one of my numbers. If I can assist in anything please don’t hesitate to ask. God Bless us all..

  2. WVUA Weather says:

    Hey Steve, I’m glad that you are ok. This was a horrible disaster… One that we’ll never forget. It’s a big shock of what happened, eventhough it was several days ago. My house was taken by the tornado on Wednesday, but I’m ok. I was on air when the tornado struck town. We had it on our Tuscaloosa towercam. You can scroll down and see my coverage of the tornado live. It’s kinda a chilling video because we thought it was going to hit our tv station. It just missed us by about 1 mile. There is word that the tornado took a slight jog to the right before reaching us. Not sure on that though. We’ve got to pray for the ones who have lost family and friends. I lost my house, but it’s a house and not a life. Thank you for checking up on us Steve. Take care!

    Also, I’ll be on air at 5pm and 10pm today(Sunday) for a normal weathercast. We’re also doing an hour long special on the tornadoes across Tuscaloosa and our state.

    Richard Scott
    WVUA Chief Meteorologist

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