Tuesday Afternoon Forecast Discussion – 4:15 PM

A good Tuesday to you! Nice weather has taken over the state of Alabama and the entire southern half of the Nation. Temperatures ranged from 68 to 72 in central and west Alabama, with a good supply of sunshine. Some cirrus clouds moved in this morning, but that didn’t do much to block out the sunlight. You could just about copy the forecast today and paste it into the next 7 days, but there will be some slight changes. I think you’ll like the changes ahead…

The rest of the week will stay quiet, with a surface high over the southeast. The surface high will slide eastward, and a south flow will develop. Our dewpoint is in the 20s right now, which is very dry! Dry air heats and cools very effectively, so that’s the reason it’s been cool at night and warm during the day. As moisture increases over the next few days, lows at night will warm just a bit. We can expect lows in the upper 40s Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning. Low 50s at night are possible early next week.

Clouds will increase just a bit due to the increase in moisture and warm air advection. Warm air advection is a lifting mechanism, so clouds will build in the sky at times. We won’t deal with mostly cloudy skies or completely cloudy skies, but a mix of clouds and sun can be expected over the next 7 days. Highs will top out between 70 and 75 between now and the weekend. We were watching for the change of a cold front to enter Alabama on Friday, but it’s looking more unlikely that will happen. The upper air support collapses as a blocking ridge of high pressure sets up over the southeast. This means the weather will continue mild through the weekend. Conditions may become a little muggy over the weekend as well. It’s amazing how cold it’s been over the past few months and how we can jump into a different pattern in a few days.

A storm system will really pull in some warm and moist air from the gulf early next week. While I think this system will stay north of us for now, temperatures could spike into the upper 70s on Monday and Tuesday. We’ll fine tune the forecast as we get a bit closer.

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WVUA Chief Meteorologist Richard Scott