Saturday Evening Weather Update – 8:25 PM

A good Saturday to you! Our local weather continues to be influenced by the remnants of Tropical Depression # 5, as showers and storms became numerous this evening. Now that the sun has set, storms will diminish and temperatures approach the middle 70s. If you didn’t see rain today, there’s another good chance tomorrow. Much like today, we’ll start off dry, with storms becoming likely during the mid-afternoon hours.

The center of the low is over east Alabama now, and is moving southward. What makes the forecast really interesting is the future position of the low. Nearly all of our data moves the low over the northern Gulf of Mexico tomorrow night, and develops it into some sort of tropical storm. Whether this happens or not is still a big question, but we’ll keep an aye on things. With plenty of tropical moisture in central Alabama, we’ll continue the good bet for afternoon storms each day through Thursday. The big questions will come into play on Wednesday and Thursday, when the area of low pressure returns inland. Will it move into Louisiana or Texas? The strength of the ridge will determine the answer to that question.

Be sure to join me on WVUA-TV tonight at 10 PM for the latest on your forecast. Have a great day!

Richard Scott
WVUA Meteorologist