Saturday Evening Weather Update – 8:15 PM

A good Saturday to you! Our weather was very hot today, with temperatures near 100 degrees. The heat index is what has made it feel so bad, and we can expect even higher heat index values tomorrow through Wednesday. Heat index could reach 115 during the mid afternoon hours. This will make our weather dangerously hot, so be sure to take it extra easy and stay well hydrated. Try to avoid peak heating hours if you’re going to be working outdoors.

The summer ridge that is responsible for this heat will build in even stronger on Sunday and Monday, which will raise our air temperatures to above 100 degrees. Expect lots of sun through Wednesday, with only a stray storm in the forecast. Consider yourself lucky if you see any rain at all. The ridge tries to back down a bit on Thursday and Friday, but only temporarily backs down. Highs will top out in the upper 90s. A few extra storms are possible during the afternoon hours. The ridge is back by next weekend, with highs around 100 degrees.

The tropics are heating up, but the area of activity is a long way away from Alabama. While there are no active hurricanes right now, things could change at anytime. We’ll keep you updated on the latest. Be sure to join me on WVUA-TV tonight at 10 PM for more updates on your forecast. Have a great evening!

Richard Scott
WVUA Meteorologist

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