Wednesday Afternoon Weather Update – 4:04 PM

A good Wednesday to you! More hot weather was dealt with today, but our temperatures are more average for this time of the year. Plus, our big warm-up in the forecast will make today’s weather feel nice. A ridge will gradually spread into the southeast, and our weather will gradually get hotter. Highs over the weekend could approach 100 degrees.

A few storms exist over central and east Mississippi, but Alabama’s weather is mostly dry today. A few storms could enter southwest Alabama this evening, but the majority of the area will stay dry. Temperatures this evening will dip down into the 80s at sunset, and middle 70s by daybreak. We can expect a mostly sunny start to our Thursday, but storms will become a good bet during the afternoon hours. We will be squeezed between a ridge and a trough tomorrow, which will give us a northwest flow aloft. This time of the year, a northwest flow aloft can mean scattered storms in central Alabama. We often get storm complexes to ride the outer edge of the ridge, and I think we’ll see this setup tomorrow. Rain chances are at 50% tomorrow. We’ll continue this setup through the weekend, but I’m expecting the best coverage of storms to be east of I-65 on Saturday and Sunday. Rain chances in west Alabama are between 20 and 30%. Meanwhile, temperatures really begin to warm into the upper 90s.

Our ridge strengthens across the southeast early next week, and that means some very hot weather in our forecast. Not only will the air temperature get hot, but tropical moisture will drive our heat index values into the 109 to 112 degree range. This will be a dangerous level, so be sure you take it extra easy and stay well hydrated. The hottest temperature ever recorded in Tuscaloosa is 107, which was in 2007. That day, there was limited moisture in the area, so our heat index was 107 as well. This means that our “feels like temp” will be much higher than our record high in 2007. Drink lots of water, and try to avoid the hottest parts of the day.

The tropics remain rather quiet for now, but we’re approaching the middle of our hurricane season, so be sure to stay with us as we continue to watch the tropics. Since we’re approaching the peak of hurricane season, activity could increase at any time. Be sure to join us on WVUA-TV today at 4, 5, 6 and 10 PM. Have a great day!

Richard Scott
WVUA Meteorologist

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