Storm Reports Via the NWS

Saturday, April 24, 2010 brought a great deal of severe weather to our region and multiple confirmed tornadoes touched down in the state of Alabama. In some spots, winds exceeded 140 mph and homes and property were damaged in the process. Only one person was killed in Alabama; however, ten people were fatal victims as a result of the EF-4 tornado that tracked 149 miles through Mississippi impacting Yazoo City. All together there were about seven confirmed tornadoes that touched down in West and Central Alabama.

Here are a few of the storm survey results courtesy of the National Weather Service that occurred in our state:

The strongest tornado in Alabama confirmed as an EF-3 touched down in Walker, Jefferson, and Blount Counties causing the most extensive damage in Parrish. There were 70-80 homes and businesses damaged including one home that was destroyed in the event. Winds in this tornado reached 140 mph in some spots.

A few EF-1 tornadoes were also confirmed in the state by the National Weather Service. Blount, Marshall, Fayette, and Walker Counties were all impacted by EF-1 tornadoes with extensive damage such as uprooted trees and damaged homes. Winds reached the 100 mph mark in these tornadoes and a 100 foot radio tower was blown down in the process.

Also, several EF-0 tornadoes touched down across West Alabama in counties such as Hale, Sumter, and Marion. The tornado that touched down in Marion County uprooted trees and caused roofing damage to multiple homes in towns like Gu-Win and Brilliant. One home was damaged from a tree that fell on top of the house and toppled over a minivan in the driveway. The tornado in Hale County damaged homes and destroyed a barn. Winds in these tornadoes topped out near 80 mph.

Lastly, Sumter and Marengo Counties were victims of significant wind damage. One woman was rescued from her car along BB Bragg Road in Sumter County as a result of a fallen tree.

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Source: The National Weather Service

Chase Higginbotham
WVUA Weather

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