Saturday Evening Weather Update – 9:11 PM

A good Saturday to you! Not a bad weather day for us, with sunny skies and temperatures well into the 60s this afternoon. Our weather will continue nice over the next couple of days before big changes happen.

Tonight, temperatures will head for sub-freezing values, with lows in the upper 20s. Clear skies and calm winds will lead to some frost in the morning. With sunny skies tomorrow, we’ll see a quick warm-up, with temperatures in the lower 60s by noon and upper 60s by 3 PM. Dry air heats and cools much more efficient than moist air, so that’s why our temperature has been changing so much between our overnight lows and daytime highs. Also, the higher sun angle this time of the year helps to heat up the surface faster. Other than a few high level clouds from time to time, we’ll have a mostly sunny sky through Monday. In-fact, temperatures could warm into the lower 70s on Monday.

Clouds build in on Tuesday and Wednesday, with a good chance of rain and a few thunderstorms. A cold front dies out across central Alabama Tuesday night. This will enhance our rain chance through Wednesday. Another front is due in here Thursday night. This will bring a round of thunderstorms in here during the day on Thursday and early Friday morning. This front should bring a round of cooler temperatures into the state, with highs closer to 60 degrees. Be sure to join me tonight on WVUA-TV at 10 pm for more on your weather.

Have a great day!

Richard Scott