Forecast Discussion Update 12/7 4:49 PM

Good afternoon! Light rain continues to fall over parts of our area. At the time of this update the primary shower activity was in the northern section of the area, impacting places like Fayette and Double Springs. The sky will remain cloudy, with patchy shower activity overnight. The big West Alabama Christmas Parade will be happening in Tuscaloosa tonight. Be prepared for the possibility of a few sprinkles or light showers. The good thing is that I don’t expect heavy rain. I would certainly plan on grabbing the raincoat and umbrella just to be safe.

We will have a greater chance of heavier rain after midnight and into the day tomorrow as a warm front lifts in. A negatively tilted upper air tough will develop as a disturbance pulls away from the four corners region. Low pressure will track across southern Arkansas and towards Memphis tomorrow evening. As the low tracks to our north it will drag a cold front through Alabama. Thunderstorms will be possible during this timeframe and some storms may become severe. The big question mark at this time involves the amount of lower level instability. A slight risk of severe weather is in place for our area tomorrow.

Early morning clouds and showers will linger on Wednesday, followed by some afternoon clearing. Lows will be near freezing Wednesday night, with highs near 50 on Thursday. The sky will remain partly cloudy on Thursday, with rain returning on Friday. Overrunning moisture will bring showers again and it’s going to be a very cold rain. Depending on the arrival time and depth of the cold air, north Alabama may have a brief round of frozen precipitation. Many locations will be at or below freezing early Friday morning, although rain is expected to arrive later in the day. Be sure to join us tonight for the latest on our local weather forecast.

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Wes Wyatt
Chief Meteorologist