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Forecast Discussion Update 12/3 5:04 PM

It has been a very cold and overcast day across West and Central Alabama. I’m expecting some breaks in the clouds overnight, with lows near freezing. Our forecast is still right on track for tomorrow and tomorrow night. Look for increasing clouds tomorrow, with snow showers possible tomorrow night. The greatest chance for accumulating snow will be near or along the highway 80 corridor in West Alabama, in places like Demopolis and Livingston. This will be the location with the greatest combination of moisture and cold air. For the rest of the area we may only see flurries over places like Fayette and Jasper. In areas further southward, like Tuscaloosa and Greensboro, there will be a potential for a dusting up to a half inch.

A low pressure area will take a southern track through the Gulf of Mexico tomorrow night. Cold air will continue to flow in from the north, around this system. The main limiting factor with this system will be the amount of moisture over Alabama. The snowfall bullseye will be in the area with the greatest combination of moisture and cold air. The greatest chance for wintry precipitation will occur in a window between 3:00 a.m. on Saturday and 8:00 a.m. Clouds will linger into the day on Saturday, with highs only reaching the lower 40s. We will have some clearing Saturday night, with lows around freezing.

Our temperatures will begin a recovery on Sunday, with clouds returning on Monday. An active upper air pattern will continue into next week. Another low pressure system will develop to our northwest on Monday. Some thunder may be possible by Tuesday as this system approaches. At this time I’m forecasting a few showers late Monday night, with a good chance of rain on Tuesday. The wet weather will slide east on Wednesday, with colder air arriving.

At this time I don’t expect any widespread travel issues over West Alabama tomorrow night. However, there may a couple of slick spots on overpasses or bridges by early Saturday morning, mainly for the areas with the greatest potential for snow (see map). The good thing is that this won’t be a major system and it will provide a few snowflakes to help us gear up for the holidays. In fact, Christmas on the River is happening in Demopolis this weekend and this will be one area with the greatest potential for seeing a little snow.

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Wes Wyatt
Chief Meteorologist