Forecast Discussion Update 12/1 3:49 PM

It has been a very cloudy and chilly day over the state of Alabama. A large mass of rain is lifting in from the south and this will make for an unsettled Tuesday night. The low for tonight will be during the evening. As the atmosphere becomes saturated, temperatures will cool to near 44 degrees. I’m expecting temperatures to level off and then rise slightly as moist air builds northward.

A strengthening low pressure system will track into Alabama from the south. Winds will increase overnight and there may be gusts as high as 30 mph. Wind advisories will be in place through tonight and tomorrow. The winds will become westerly tomorrow, with rain ending from west to east. There will be a period during the early morning when some thunderstorms may develop over the area. In fact, severe thunderstorms may impact southern sections of the state. Southwest Alabama is currently under a flash flood watch and a slight risk zone for severe weather.

Needless to say, you can expect a decent period of rain and wind through the morning tomorrow. A cold front associated with this system will march through our area by noon and the winds will become westerly. Temperatures will drop into the 30s tomorrow night, with areas of mist and lingering clouds. The sky will remain mostly cloudy on Thursday and Friday, with highs remaining in the 40s. A low pressure system will pass to our south Friday night. This system will bring clouds and there may be a few snow flurries, with lows near 28 degrees. The chance of seeing a few flurries is low as this system will track well south of Alabama. However, a northward shift in the track of this low could set the stage for a more interesting scenario. Be sure to join us tonight for more details.

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Wes Wyatt
Chief Meteorologist