Forecast Discussion Update 10/28 4:16 PM

At the time of this update the weather was simply gorgeous over West Alabama. A cloud free sky was overhead, with temperatures in the comfy 70s. Changes will take place soon beginning with more clouds entering the state tonight; lows will be dropping into the cool 50s. I can’t rule out a shower or portions of the area after midnight. A warm front will lift in by tomorrow morning and this will bring more clouds along with the chance for rain. A shower or thunderstorm will be possible tomorrow and you should notice an increase in the humidity; highs will reach the upper 70s.

We will have a strong south breeze through tomorrow night and on Friday. The sky will remain cloudy, with a continuing chance for a thunderstorm or shower. During this time frame, a cold front will be approaching the lower Mississippi River Valley. Strong thunderstorms will be developing out ahead of this front and severe storms may reach central sections of Mississippi late Friday night. The newer model data has slowed down this system quite a bit. Therefore, we are now projecting our greatest chance for thunderstorms early on Saturday. This is a good thing however, as the low level instability won’t be quite as elevated during the morning hours. We will continue to mention the chance for some strong storms early on Saturday, followed by partial clearing. Temperatures will also take a tumble on Halloween, with overnight lows near 50 degrees. Gradual clearing will continue into Sunday, with bright weather expected for the beginning of next week. Be sure to tune in for more details on our local news, first at four, and at five, six, and ten.

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Wes Wyatt
Chief Meteorologist