Sunday Afternoon Weather Update-2:40 PM

A good Sunday to you! We started off this morning with mainly dry conditions. Showers and storms have become widespread across central Alabama this afternoon. Temperatures have warmed into the 80s. Not everyone will pick up rain today, but if you get underneath a thunderstorm, rainfall could be heavy. Showers and storms will diminish tonight, with a low in the upper 60s. If you have plans outdoors tomorrow, expect similar conditions. We’ll start off the day with partly cloudy conditions, but storms will develop during the afternoon. There’s a 50% chance of storms in the forecast tomorrow. It’s not going to rain the entire day, but if you have outdoor plans for Labor Day, be sure to take the rain gear.

Rain chances go down on Tuesday and Wednesday. With more sun, temperatures will warm into the upper 80s. Expect a 30% coverage of storms each afternoon. Don’t expect a washout, but there will be a couple of storms each day. A cold front is scheduled to move in late next weekend, with a good bet for storms on Sunday. Temperatures will remain in the 80s.

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Have a great day!

Richard Scott