Forecast Discussion Update 3:51 PM

The month is coming to a close and this particular August has been a wet one. Compared the past five years, this has been our wettest August with nearly six inches of rain in Tuscaloosa. The impressive aspect is that the higher rain totals arrived in the absence of a major tropical system making a landfall in Alabama. A stray shower can’t totally be ruled out for the first two days of September, although most areas will be dry. Tomorrow and Wednesday will be partly cloudy days, with only a 10% chance of rain. We will enjoy some pleasant temperatures, with lows near 60 degrees. Tonight most locations will drop into the 50s for lows, with highs in the middle 80s through Friday.

A front is stationary along the gulf coast and a low pressure wave developing along the front will be the trigger for any stray showers that develop close to home. The front will settle further southward over the Gulf and we will have to monitor the boundary close for potential tropical development. Similar setups can serve as breeding grounds for tropical storms. A core of cool and dry air centered to our north will also settle southward and this will bring us dry weather through the rest of the week. Temperatures will make a slow recovery into the upper 80s by the weekend, with a bright sky overhead. If you’re a Tide fan heading to Atlanta, temperatures will be in the 80s, with scattered thunderstorms and showers. The chance for rain in the area will be ranging between 20% and 30% over the next five days.

In the Topics: A strong tropical wave could become a depression soon near the Lesser Antilles. This system may go straight to tropical storm status and the next name of the list is “Erika.” Meanwhile over in the Pacific, a northward tracking tropical cyclone named “Jimena” will spread rain and moisture into the Baja of California. The system will weaken into a depression by Saturday morning, spreading much needed rain into southern California, and aiding in the battle against the wildfires.

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Wes Wyatt
Chief Meteorologist

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