Memphis Tornado

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Is El Nino Back?

So you may have heard new talk about El Nino…Per the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), El Nino is defined as the periodic warming of the central and eastern Pacific waters that occurs every two to five years and typically lasts around a year. Though it concerns the Pacific Ocean, El Nino can have significant impacts on the weather in the southeastern United States. All of Alabama’s unsettled weather over the past two months indicates that we are feeling the impacts of the strengthening El Nino; strong El Nino cycles typically result in unsettled and stormy weather over the southern United States.

Additionally, stronger El Nino’s usually decrease tropical activity in the Atlantic basin; and currently, there are no signs of any tropical disturbances across the entire Atlantic Basin. In fact, a large amount of dry air is currently residing over the central Atlantic, and at least in the short term, this will prevent any tropical storms or hurricanes from developing. NOAA experts show the oceanic temperature over the eastern equatorial Pacific was at least 1° C above average at the end of June, and they will continue to closely monitor incoming temperature data for the month of July to see if any additional increase in temperature occurs. They plan to release another update on El Nino at the beginning of August once the July data has been analyzed.

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Forecast Discussion Update 3:49 PM


HPC 1-3 Day QPF

HPC 1-3 Day QPF

Good afternoon! August is upon us and the weather is a bit atypical for this time of the year. A broad upper air trough over the eastern U.S. has sent lots of upper level energy our way. Throw in the moist tropical air mass over Alabama and you’ve got a prime recipe for rain. One viewer from Heiberger, in northern Perry County, told me today that about 3 inches of rain fell at his home between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. Similar totals have been measured all across West and Central Alabama. Another band of rain and storms dropped in earlier today and here are a few Friday rain totals:


 Jasper: 0.59”, Coker .21”, Cuba, 0.50”, Cullman 1.44”, Fayette .51”, McCalla .40”, Northwood Lake (Northport) 0.19”, Cherokee Shores (Northport) 0.83”, Pelham 0.49”, Taylorville 0.25”, and Tuscaloosa 0.35”

For the rest of today and tonight showers and storms will be possible as a quasi-stationary boundary remains in place over central Alabama. Another upper air disturbance will pass to our north over the weekend and this will set the stage for more clouds and thunderstorms. There will be a few peaks of sunshine much like today, with storms more likely tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. Sunday will be a similar day with considerable cloudiness and rain or thunderstorms. I’m not expecting it to rain all the time but do be prepared for some localized downpours. Some of the storms may be severe, with large hail, high winds, and frequent lightning.

One good thing about today was the better coverage of clouds. This kept the temperatures from getting too out of hand, like yesterday. Tomorrow and Sunday will be similar days temperature-wise. Depending on the amount of sun breaking through the clouds, temperatures could peak in the upper 80s. I am expecting hotter weather for the start of next week as an upper air ridge builds overhead. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday will be partly sunny days, with highs near 90 degrees. The heat index may reach 100 degrees and the chance for isolated afternoon showers and thunderstorms will linger. Be sure to tune in first at four, and at five, six, and ten for the latest!

The Dog Days of Summer: We’re entering the dog days of summer and we’re asking viewers to send in pictures of their dogs beating the heat. Last year we had so much fun with this and we want to do it again. We will begin showing pictures during our weather segments on Monday. Please send your pictures to:

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Storms possible again on Friday.

Severe Thunderstorm Watch

Forecast Discussion Update 4:00 PM

HPC Projected Precipitation (QPF)

HPC Projected Precipitation (QPF)

It has been a scorcher for much of the area today thanks to a better supply of sunshine. The 3:00 p.m. heat index in Tuscaloosa was a blistering 101 degrees. Now there are numerous showers and thunderstorms developing in the unsettled flow pattern. Some of the storms back over Mississippi are severe and there are borderline severe storms over Greene and Hale Counties. For the rest of today and tonight we will have a mostly cloudy sky with the threat for heavy rain and strong to severe thunderstorms. Flash Flood advisories may be required as the moist tropical air mass over Alabama gives way to some torrential scattered downpours.

I’ve already had a few calls about the weekend weather forecast and right now I don’t see huge changes in the current setup. We will have a partly to mostly cloudy sky tomorrow and if we manage to see a good period of sun like today, it’s going to be another hot one. At this time a vigorous disturbance is rotating into northern Mississippi. This feature will pull a boundary into the area tomorrow and this will bring another good chance for rain and storms by the afternoon.

On Saturday and Sunday the greatest concentration of rain will be focused to our north, although thunderstorms will be developing locally. We will have some sunny periods, with highs reaching the upper 80s. The heat index could easily reach the 100-degree mark. By Monday and Tuesday the data is depicting a surface high building in and this should bring drier conditions to the area, with afternoon storms not quite as numerous. There is no doubt this is a unique late July and early August weather setup for our region. NOAA has linked this weather pattern with a strengthening El Nino. I will be elaborating on this topic in the weeks ahead.

Some of the storms over the next 48 hours may grow severe and you can get live streaming severe weather coverage by clicking here during times of threatening weather.

The Dog Days of Summer: We’re entering the dog days of summer and we’re asking viewers to send in pictures of their dogs beating the heat. Last year we had so much fun with this and we want to do it again. We will begin showing pictures during our weather segments on Monday. Please send your pictures to:

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Severe T-Storm Warning

A Severe Thunderstorm Warning will be in place for Tuscaloosa County and Bibb County until 10:45 p.m. Areas impacted by the storm include Coaling, Vance, Woodstock, and West Blocton