Coping With Extreme Heat

As you can imagine the summer heat can grow quite extreme from time to time. Last week was a classic example as heat index values soared above the century mark. Temperatures locally soared into the middle 90s while heat index values soared above 100.

Conditions were more extreme for areas to our south and along Florida and Alabama’s Gulf Coast. Last Monday, on June 22, one fatality was reported in Dothan as a result of the hot weather. In southeast Alabama the average temperature in late June is 91 degrees. Dothan actually reached a temperature of 100 degrees on multiple days, prompting state health officials to warn Alabamians to take precautions during the hot summer months ahead. In Gulfport, MS officials opened a “heat shelter” for elderly citizens.

Tips for avoiding heat related injuries includes staying hydrated, wearing light colored clothing, avoiding caffeine/alcohol, and staying indoors. Also, children and pets should never be left in a closed, parked vehicle. Sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher should be applied liberally and used when exposed to the sun. Keep these tips in mind as the upcoming holiday weekend approaches.

Cecilia Reeves
WVUA Weather

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