Lightning Safety

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This is Lightning Awareness Week across the United States. Lightning strikes occur year round, but the summer months are the peak time for this kind of weather.

The average number of deaths in the United States due to lightning each year is 62.

To date, for the year 2009, there have been a total of 15 deaths. More than 400 people, on average, are struck by lightning each year. People who have been struck by lightning often suffer from neurological injuries. However, these deaths and injuries can be prevented by a few safety precautions.

First and foremost, always monitor the weather if you plan to be outside for an extended period of time. If you see lightning or hear thunder, immediately move to a safe place such as a sturdy building.

If no building is available get into a vehicle and remain there until the storm has passed.

If you are indoors stay away from electrical devices and wiring.

Also, do not take a bath or shower during a thunderstorm. Water is also a major conductor of electricity.

All of these specifics will keep you safe during a thunderstorm. If you want more information on lightning safety follow this link

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Tuesday Afternoon Update – 2:54PM

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It’s been another gorgeous day across West Alabama today with highs in the mid 90s; however, the humidity has been a factor with high dew points. I saw a few fair weather cumulus clouds scattered across Tuscaloosa today, so the threat for rain will be delayed until later in the afternoon and into this evening as a result of the intense daytime heating throughout the course of the day. A surface front pushed through Alabama today moving west to east, thus providing the greatest chance for showers east of here. What you can expect from this surface front moving across our coverage area will be isolated afternoon showers and storms for the next several days with increasing clouds. For the most part, you can expect to see plenty of sunshine for the next few days heading into this weekend with highs in the mid to upper 90s. Again, showers will be more of an afternoon threat across our coverage area. The most important thing to keep in mind will be the extremely high heat indexes that will continue to be in place ranging from 100-105 degrees. Although the temperatures may only be in the mid 90s, it will feel more like the low 100s! Be sure to stay hydrated and if you do plan on being outside for an extended period of time with increased exposure to the sun, keep plenty of sunscreen handy because the UV indexes will be reaching dangerous highs of 11+. Stay tuned to WVUA News First at 4 with Robert Stevenson for more details on your local area forecast. Chief Meteorologist Wes Wyatt will be out of town this week and Robert Stevenson will fill in for him for the 5, 6, and 10 PM shows. We hope you will join us on WVUA this evening and remember to stay cool out there. Have a great Tuesday afternoon!

Chase Higginbotham
WVUA Weather