Blackberry Winter

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With the summer looming just around the corner many would think it is a guarantee this time of year to have warm temperatures both during the day and at night. The next few nights, however, this will not be the case as nighttime lows will drop into the mid to upper 40s. A popular term used to describe this rare event in the South is known as a “blackberry winter.” Blackberries typically begin to bloom in late April and are harvested by late June and early July. When temperatures reach the mid to upper 40s, after the blackberries are in bloom, we call this a “blackberry winter.”  The conditions are just cool enough to feel like winter outside but it will stay just warm enough to salvage the cherished crop. So fortunately for any of you blackberry farmers across West Alabama your crop will be fine, and if you are like myself and love a fresh picked blackberry on a hot summer day your fears will be eased as well! Luckily our flirt with the cool temperatures for the next few nights will be short lived. Nighttime lows will recover into the lower 60s by the end of the week with highs during the day in the mid 80s. Tune into Robert Stevenson on WVUA at 5, 6, and 10PM this evening for more details on your local area forecast. Have a great afternoon!

Chase Higginbotham
WVUA Weather


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