Inaugural Weather Forecast & Some History

History will be made tomorrow as President Elect Obama is sworn into office. Several residents from West Alabama have traveled to the nation’s capital for this Inauguration. The forecast calls for a high temperatures of only 32 degrees tomorrow with an ice cold north wind at 10-16 mph. There is a small chance of snow in Washington. The Baltimore/Washington National Weather Service Office in Sterling, VA has put together a great report regarding past weather for the Presidential Inaugurations. Here is a quick fact sheet compiled by the office and for the complete and detailed report click here.

Inaugural Weather Fact Sheet
1817 = First outdoor inauguration. President James Monroe was sworn into office.
1873 = Coldest March 4th inauguration. Noon temperature was only 16°F with a record low temperature for March of only 4°F. Sunshine was no help as the wind made it bitterly cold. President Ulysses S. Grant was sworn into office for his second term.
1909 = Most snow with 9.8 inches. Also very strong winds. President William H. Taft was sworn into office.
1913 = Warmest March 4th inauguration. Noon temperature was 55°F.
• 1937 = First inauguration held on January 20th.
1937 = Record rainfall. It was President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s second inauguration. A total rainfall of 1.77 inches fell that cold day. Between 11 am and 1 pm, 0.69 inches of rain fell with a noon temperature of 33°F.
1961 = Eight  inches of fresh snow laid on the ground for President John F. Kennedy’s inauguration.
1981 = Warmest January inauguration. Noon temperature was 55°F. It was Ronald Reagan’s first inauguration and would greatly contrast his second inauguration listed below.
1985 = Coldest January inauguration (Jan. 21). Noon temperature was only 7°F. The morning low temperature was -4°F and the afternoon high was only 17°F. Wind chill temperatures in the afternoon were in the -10 to -20°F range. It was Ronald Reagan’s second inauguration ceremony.

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