Winter Weather Awareness

Good Afternoon!
With cold weather finally here, I am beginning to wish for some snow. But usually with the possibility of snow, the threat for severe winter weather comes along. Winter Weather Awareness Week started today and will go through Wednesday, November 19th. Reflecting on the past winters, the National Weather Service web site posted some important winter weather occurrences.
One of the most memorable was the winter of 1993 when the “storm of the century” impacted Alabama. It started out as a low pressure system that developed in the Gulf of Mexico, but then brought in blizzard conditions to the Southeast. On March 12th and 13th Alabama was covered in snow and recorded winds that exceeded 40 miles per hour. This caused many power outages and unfortunately resulted in 14 deaths. With such a large area affected, I am sure you have stories from this event.
As the freeze warnings are issued remember to keep your pipes well insulated, your plants protected, and have a warm spot for your pets. As you prepare your house and your loved ones for the winter weather ahead, remember to tune into WVUA for any upcoming severe winter weather.
Click here for the National Weather Service full report.
Stay warm!

Courtney Thompson
WVUA Intern
IMG SRC: National Weather Service

Monday Afternoon Discussion Update 4:16 PM

After a cold start at 30 degrees today, our temperatures made a nice recovery. Unfortunately, another cold air mass is dropping into the state. Tonight we will drop to the freezing point and it is going to feel very chilly, with a cold north breeze. Tomorrow is going to be a much colder day, with highs struggling to reach the 50 degree mark. We will have lots of sunshine, but this won’t be able to helps us too much due to a steady advection of cold air from the north. Tomorrow night the winds will diminish and this will allow lows to drop into the middle 20s. Make plans to protect the pipes, pets, and plants as many locations will spend several hours below freezing tomorrow night.

A cold high pressure area will settle into the region, but this high will quickly shift southeast allowing the air to modify. We will recover nicely by Thursday and Friday, with highs in the 60s. Some data is hinting at the possibility of moisture overriding the region by the weekend and this should bring a few high clouds on Friday. A strong disturbance will drop in from the northwest this weekend and this will be leading another blast of cold air. There may be some showers in the mix by Sunday as this system moves through. Be sure to tune in for more details tonight at five, six, and ten!

Wes Wyatt
WVUA Chief Meteorologist