Monday Afternoon Update 4:30 PM

Good Afternoon! We’ve had a nice sunny start to the week and the dust is flying due to the lack of rain. The last rainfall measurement we have on record is from Saturday the 20th, when 0.17” of rain fell at Tuscaloosa Airport. The last decent rain amount was recorded on August 26th. That amount was an official 0.86.” Unfortunately, our outlook on rain is not too promising this week. With that said, we will have some noteworthy changes in temperatures.

Our weather tonight will be quite pleasant, with a mostly clear sky and lows in the middle 50s. Winds will become rather gusty out of the northwest direction at 6-12 mph. This will be in response to a cold front moving into the state. You can expect highs in the middle 80s tomorrow however, tomorrow night we will cool into the low 50s. Both Wednesday and Thursday will be sunny days and it’s going to feel like fall, with highs reaching the middle 70s. Lows at night will drop into the chilly 40s.

We will continue to enjoy bright and comfortable days through the weekend. You can also expect the chilly nights to continue. There may be an opportunity for a few showers by the middle of next week and this will depend on the possible scenario that a low pressure area will develop to our southeast. That’s still a long ways off and we will have to wait on more data before we can fine tune the forecast.

Subtropical Storm Laura formed during the early morning hours today over the northern Atlantic. Laura is expected to grow into a tropical storm and what is quite interesting is that this system is expected to turn eastward towards Ireland. This system could end up bringing unsettled weather to Great Britain.

Wes Wyatt
WVUA Chief Meteorologist

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