Wednesday Afternoon Update 3:30 PM

The weather remains picture-perfect in West Alabama! We’ve had a sunny sky, with highs today in the lower 80s. Winds will calm overnight and this will set the stage for a big cool down into the lower 50s. I still anticipate some upper 40s over the eastern half of the state. After the cool start, temperatures will make a quick recovery tomorrow. This will mean more delightful weather conditions for our Thursday. Our weather will be quite similar on Friday. We will have a cool start, with a comfortable afternoon. It may be rather breezy late Friday and Friday night.

At this time lots of focus is on an area of low pressure near the Carolinas. During this time of year it is rather common for east coast lows to develop into warm core tropical systems. This may grow into a depression or storm soon, and the National Hurricane Center is keeping a close eye on the possibility of further development. Regardless of today’s development, there are already 65 mph wind gusts possible north of the system due to a tight pressure gradient between a high over the northeast. Another disturbance over Puerto Rico may grow into a depression soon as it begins track northward. So, what does all of this mean for West Alabama? Basically, this will mean a continuation of a cool and comfortable flow through the weekend. There may be a few more clouds overhead; however, dry weather will prevail.

A deep upper level trough will materialize by Tuesday of next week and this will open the gate to much cooler air. We will have highs possibly in the 70s next Wednesday, with lows at night possibly dropping into the 40s next Wednesday night. There will be lots of clouds around and some showers will be possible starting on Tuesday.

I want to thank all of my little friends in Foster’s, at Myrtlewood Elementary School, for allowing me to visit today. I will have video from that visit posted this evening and you can find it on our Kid’s Page. Tomorrow we will be back on the road, visiting the second graders at Cottondale Elementary School.

Wes Wyatt
WVUA Chief Meteorologist