Sunday Morning Thoughts; 10:57 a.m.

Gustav Forecast Cone

Hanna Forecast Cone

Things are certainly looking grim for our friends in the New Orleans area. Major Hurricane Gustav is churning northwestward across the central Gulf of Mexico. The 11 a.m. advisory has winds of 120 mph. It has weakened some overnight, but is still an extremely dangerous storm. Drier air in the mid levels of the atmosphere has moved into the storm, so some disorganization took place last night. This could keep the storm from strengthening much more, so that would be great news, but as the storm continues to move across the very warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, it is expected to regain Category 4 status prior to landfall. The latest track brings Gustav ashore early tomorrow morning, with hurricane forced winds expected as far east as Gulf Shores. There are hurricane warnings in place for the Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana gulf coast. Also, inland tropical storm warnings extend into southwest Alabama. This doesn’t include counties in our viewing area, but don’t be surprised to see winds gusting to tropical storm force over Marengo and Sumter Counties.

Here in the Tuscaloosa area, expect breezy conditions, with winds gusting to 30 mph. We will have some showers banding into the area on Monday and Tuesday. With us being on the northeastern side of the storm, the threat for a few spin-up tornadoes are possible. The damaging winds and flooding rains will be west of Alabama. Places over south Mississippi and Louisiana will see the worst weather. Southern Marengo County could see rainfall totals approaching 1 inch. Again, any track further eastward could greatly change our forecast. Anytime there is a major hurricane in the gulf, expect the unexpected. If anything changes in our forecast, we will be sure to let you know about it. Keep an eye on our blog page and our television station. If warnings pop up Monday and Tuesday, our bug will be shown on the television. Also, if a tornado warning is issued, we will break into programming. Anytime we do severe weather coverage, we simulcast on Catfish 102.9. Be sure to keep it right here for more on Gustav and your latest forecast. Have a great Sunday!

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We know that numerous evacuees from neighboring states may be visiting West Alabama late in the weekend. If you have friends or family evacuating, or if you are an evacuee planning on visiting West Alabama over the weekend, be sure to listen to our partner station “Welcome 103.3 FM” for streaming information on hotels/places to stay. We also provide weather for all of the hotels on the station “Traveln Alabama.” Click here for streaming coverage and plenty information on places stay. If severe weather conditions develop locally you can always count on detailed weather coverage with our partners at Catfish 102.9 FM!

Richard Scott
WVUA-TV’s Weekend Weather Anchor

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