Monday Afternoon Update: 3:18 p.m.

This week started off much like last week, with dry conditions and very hot temperatures. The temperatures reached the mid 90s this afternoon, with heat index values near 100. There have been some interesting developments in the weather setup over the southeast. Today we’ve noticed a big flare-up of clouds and rain associated with a tropical disturbance positioned south of Mobile. This disturbance has a slight potential to develop into a tropical depression over the next 24-48 hours. Right now our weather is being dominated by a high pressure ridge centered to our west. This is keeping the coverage of storms quite small. The ridge looks to hold a tight grip on our area tomorrow and this will mean more blistering heat and little rain.

By Wednesday I do think the disturbance in the Gulf will help to send a surge of moisture inland and this should fuel a good coverage of showers and thunderstorms. The storms will lessen in coverage and diminish at night, with muggy conditions. Thursday will be a similar day, with another good coverage of thunderstorms. Some of the storms may be on the strong side, with high winds and hail. During the Friday and Saturday timeframe the forecast will weigh heavily on the evolution of the Gulf of Mexico Storm System. By Saturday I do expect the afternoon storms to lessen in coverage, with hotter afternoon temperatures. We will continue to monitor the Gulf closely, stay tuned!

Daily Morning Weather Discussion/Audio Update

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Wes Wyatt
Chief Meteorologist

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