The Latest on Dolly

Tropical Depression Dolly

This is Tiffany Spencer, new intern for WVUA’s weather team bringing you news on hurricane Dolly, which is now a tropical depression. The eye of the storm made its debut over Saint Padre Island, Texas, which caused severe damage to roofs in the area. The then category two hurricane also caused severe flooding of streets and heavy wind gusts that reached 120mph.

In the event of the storm, at least one person was injured. A CNN affiliate reported that a 17-year-old fell from a seventh floor balcony. The fall resulted in a broken hip and leg, as well as severe head injuries. The boy is now stable and alert. Local residents worried that the flooding rains would cause a levee breach. Brownsville Mayor Pat Ahumada assured the public that it would take at least 20 inches of rain to top the levees, which had already been reinforced according to federal standards.

Tiffany Spencer
WVUA weather

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