Saturday Afternoon Weather Discussion; Updated at 4:40 p.m.

Hot is the word of the day, as temperatures have reached the upper 90s in many locations. With no rain and few clouds around, there won’t be any relief in the heat for the rest of the afternoon. The heat index will be near 100 today, so be cautious if you are going to be outdoors for long periods of time. Make sure you wear light and loose-fitting clothing and drink plenty of water. The temperatures will continue very mild tonight, as lows approach the lower 70s. Also, you will really notice very hazy conditions setting in this evening and tonight. Unfortunately, the news doesn’t get any better for tomorrow, as we will continue to see very hot and muggy conditions. Highs could reach 100 degrees tomorrow afternoon, with mostly sunny conditions. There will be a few scattered showers around, but the rain chance is less than 20%; many locations will remain very dry tomorrow and Monday. Highs will still be in the upper 90s on Monday, with lots of sunshine around.

By this time on Monday, we may be talking about a tropical storm in the Gulf of Mexico. We are cautiously watching a strong tropical wave moving into the northwestern Caribbean. This could become a tropical depression or storm at any time over the next 48 hours. In-fact, the system is looking much better organized this afternoon. Most of the guidance takes the system into the southwest Gulf of Mexico and into the northern Mexican coast. It is still several days away, so we will continue to monitor it for any changes in the track. The good news is that some of the moisture from that system will get caught up in an approaching front by Wednesday and Thursday. You can expect a 40% chance for storms on Thursday and Friday. With more clouds around, highs will be in the lower 90s, but it will still be very humid around here. That will really offset the slightly cooler daytime highs. Also, we are watching tropical storm Christobal, which is spinning away near the Carolinas. This system will continue moving towards the northeast and not impact our weather. Latest from the National Hurricane Center has winds sustained at 45 MPH. As for Bertha, it is still a hurricane, with winds of 75 MPH. This storm is moving northeast and will not impact anyone other than shipping interest. Bertha is in the north Atlantic and is moving over water temperatures below 70 degrees, so it won’t last much longer. Bertha has broken the record for the number of consecutive days for a named storm for July in the Atlantic Basin. Be sure to join us tonight for the latest on the tropical trouble and your forecast. Have a great day!

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Richard Scott
WVUA-TV’s Weekend Weather Anchor