Monday Afternoon Discussion

The latest temperature report from Tuscaloosa Airport was 91 degrees with a heat index of 94. Be sure to take it extra easy this afternoon. Tonight the sky will clear and temperatures will be bottoming out near 70-degrees. The story for this first day of the new week has been the heat and also the tropics. Bertha has become a hurricane over the central Atlantic. Right now it doesn’t look like this hurricane will be a factor for us as it should not make it into the Gulf of Mexico. Instead, Bertha is forecasted to make a gradual turn northward. It’s still too early to safely say the U.S. will be spared, but the greatest confidence lies in a track northward near Bermuda, which would mean no direct impact by Bertha. We will monitor this system with interest and keep you posted on Berthas positioning.

Our weather setup will seem rather sluggish this week as no major changes are expected. In fact, highs will be in the low to mid 90s through the rest of the week, with heat indices nearing 100. A pocket of cooler air aloft is located to our northeast and thunderstorms associated with this unstable atmosphere, could send a few rouge boundaries our way. As a result, a few isolated thunderstorms can’t be ruled out over the next few days. This energy will shift into the gulf and another ridge will build in from the southwest. This will bring a slight increase in winds on Thursday, with highs a couple of degrees lower. It’s still going to be very hot and humid, with isolated thunderstorms through the rest of the week.

Wes Wyatt
WVUA Chief Meteorologist

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