Wednesday Afternoon Discussion

You might be thinking about record setting heat during this time of year, but that was not the case for this second day of July. Our morning low dropped to 58-degrees and that was one degree lower than the previous record of 59 set in 1950. I don’t think we will be setting record lows tonight, although it will feel rather nice as we kick of the day tomorrow. Lows will be near 65-degrees.

Tomorrow will be a partly cloudy day and it is going to feel much hotter. The day time temperatures won’t change much over the next seven days, but the heat index will be on the rise. Tomorrow we will climb to 92-degrees and it’s probably going to feel more like 96 or 97 at times. By Friday, Independence Day, there will be enough instability for isolated showers and thunderstorms. A front stalling to our north will help to weaken the stable setup and allow for more scattered shower and thunderstorm development on Saturday and Sunday. Any rain that develops will come to a gradual end at night with muggy conditions.

Early next week the sky will be partly cloudy and you can expect the classic menu of hot, hazy, and humid conditions. There will a few thunderstorms scattered about on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. The long range data is hinting at a disturbance forming to our southwest by Tuesday night and this may help to enhance our rain opportunities next week. Be sure to tune in tonight for more details!

Wes Wyatt
Chief Meteorologist