Thursday Afternoon Discussion

Last night around 10:00 PM a tropical depression formed on the Pacific Side of Central America. In the past hours, since that advisory, the system has been upgraded to a tropical storm and made a landfall along the Northern pacific Coast of Nicaragua. The Pacific Hurricane Season has already started and the Atlantic Season will begin on Sunday. We will be watching the far southern Caribbean in the weeks ahead as that region is a hot breeding ground for tropical systems early in the season. Some of the long range data is already hinting at disturbed weather over the warm waters over the Caribbean.

Here at home, the weather has been hot and sticky. There have been some isolated showers and thunderstorms firing up over south Alabama. One shower popped up near Tuscaloosa over the past hours and we could still have a stray shower during the evening hours tonight. Overall, I think the rain is going to be hard to find through Saturday. Even though we can’t rule out a lone thundershower, high pressure to our northeast should keep the rain threat to a minimal. The big story will be the heat, with highs reaching the lower 90s throughout the weekend. Lows at night will be near 70-degrees.

The ridge will weaken enough to allow for a slightly better coverage of afternoon storms on Sunday and Monday. Even during this timeframe we will have plenty of sunshine, with hot temperatures. The rain threat should drop off again on Tuesday as the atmosphere becomes more stable. Some data is hinting at temperatures as warm as 94-degrees for Tuesday. Basically, look for hot and mainly dry conditions for the mid portion of next week.

Wes Wyatt
Chief Meteorologist

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